Blogs Accelerate Search Engine Results

If you’re coming to this website because I told you about it at Wednesday’s meeting, you’ll find this story interesting.

Today, Thursday, I was surfing the web, and I ran a Yahoo! search on some Disney terms… I don’t quite remember the search phrase.

Guess what happened?

One of the stories on this experimental blog popped up, second on the list!

I tried several other searches. AllTheWeb popped that page up in the Number 1 slot! On MSN the search ranked me a few slots down on the first page.

Here’s what’s really cool about that.

I installed this blog on an unused domain name Saturday night, copying in a few Disney stories from one of my other websites.

The Yahoo! cache showed a picture of the page; it looked like it was picked up Monday, maybe Tuesday. So…

Within about 24 hours, the new post on a new website was cached and indexed. And was returned with a high ranking.

And the original story… which is indexed from another of my websites, didn’t show up on the first four pages of any of those search engines.

What’s the lesson?

  • Blogs work for website design.
  • Search engines pick them up quickly.
  • Search engines like it when you write “new” stuff.