Beautiful Websites

“Rich, I’m interested in having you design a website for me, but my current website is really special. In fact, it’s beautiful! Can you do that with the system you use?”

I’ve had that question many times. Oh, it varies a bit. But it comes down to wanting a thing of beauty.

Frankly, I usually tell these folks they are talking to the wrong website creator. And I send them packing.

Please understand. I’m not saying websites should be ugly.

In fact, the most successful websites today are reasonably attractive, but probably also are loaded up with a lot of information. For examples, check out Amazon, ebay, Yahoo!, and Bank of America.

When you look at the top successes online, you begin to get a feel for what a successful website should be. It’s not beauty. It’s not cool animation, at least for most businesses.

It’s about providing content and shopping opportunities.