Website Creation

nodropRun Your Own Website

On approval of your application, we will help you get your website started. Depending on what you want your website to do, we will:

  • Ask for your input regarding what you want your website to do.
  • Secure a virtual server on a partner hosting service, in your name, so you have complete control when we’re done.
  • Register your domain name, with you as owner.
  • Set up your website with a database and Content Management System (CMS) software on your server, so you have complete control when we’re done.
  • Design and install the appropriate graphics, content, menus, etc., to make your website attractive and functional.
  • Install a search function on your website, to enable guests to find appropriate pages, even as your website grows to many pages of content.
  • Run a search engine keyword study, and consult with you to establish target keywords for your content.
  • Edit and post the first two or three articles, press releases, or other content pages.
  • Create a catalog section, add one or two products, and link to shopping cart and payment systems (PayPal or KickStart Cart, depending on your needs.)
  • Create the following pages, based on your information: About Us, Contact Us, Terms of Use.
  • Set up email accounts for you on your server.
  • Set up a sequential autoresponder account with a partner firm for sequenced email training, support, and other services, depending on your needs.
  • Create a newsletter mailing list system to collect email addresses and mail your newsletter or other promotional material.
  • Provide you with simple instructions for accessing your website to control content, mail newsletters, or manage your email accounts.
  • Assist you on the phone as you personally add your first article to your website.
  • Email you occasionally with information to help you continue to maintain your website.

Whew! That’s a lot, isn’t it? It’s no wonder my friends wanted me to do this for them!

And remember, you probably won’t need all of these things done. We’ll do only what’s necessary. We want to keep this as simple for you as we can.

Many internet design firms would do that for five to fifteen thousand dollars, maybe more. (Gasp!) Then you’d have to pay a monthly retainer or additional fees in order to post additional content or make changes. Not us! …

The whole idea is to give you a simple, elegant, and complete website structure that you can expand and build without additional work on our part. We’ll set it up, then you will take over, adding and changing the content the way you want it.

We want to do it at a reasonable price, a fraction of the price charged by most internet design firms. And we want your website to be functional, attractive, and simple to use. To that end, we insist that you read certain information on this website regarding our design philosophy, so you know the kind of website you’ll be getting. And why it’s best.

Further, we require that you apply for our services, because:

  • We are limited in how many accounts we can take and still do the job we intend to do, and,
  • We want only accounts who understand the very successful philosophy we follow in creating websites.