Top Honors

SellBetter Tools won double honors May 14 at the 2005 Glyph Awards. ABPA presented Rich Hamilton of SellBetter Tools with the following Awardawards:

+ Best Business/Career Book award to *Disney Magic: Business Strategy You Can Use at Work and at Home*
+ Business/Career book, honorable mention to *Disney Magic Ideabook: Using Disney’s Magic Strategy for Your own Business Success*

Hamilton authored both books. They are published by SellBetter Tools, and distributed by Biblio Div., National Book Network. They are available to the trade through major wholesalers, and to consumers through online and traditional bookstores.

**Website Development**

After authoring *Internet Business Magic: Using Disney’s Magic Strategy for Your Own Online Business,* many associates were approaching Rich Hamilton requesting websites. Eventually, he created the RYO Website business to fulfill those requests. Here’s Rich’s story:

My friends were relentless. “You know how to do it; we want you to do it for us,” they begged.

It’s true that I knew how to do websites. I’ve been selling online since the early 80’s, long before the world wide web. (I used Western Union’s EasyLink service to help sell my radio stations, and I used Compuserve to network with computer geeks and to keep up with farm prices.) I have experience as a computer systems analyst, and I started developing websites for my own business shortly after the web was created.

It didn’t help that I had volunteered to take on the website for the Arizona chapter of the National Speakers Association. (Or, depending on how you look at it, maybe it *did* help.) At that time, my first book, *Disney Magic,* had just been published. I didn’t even plan to write the *Internet Business Magic* book. But my friends there were amazed at the website I developed for them, so they started referring me as an *internet* speaker. I kept telling them I talked about the Disney business model, and they kept after me to do something with the internet.

So I wrote *Internet Business Magic.* If you haven’t read it, you’ll be interested to discover that it’s not really an internet book. It’s a business strategy book for using the internet. And it’s based on the business strategy created by Walt Disney when he started Disneyland.

Finally, I was convinced. I’d help, at least with certain kinds of websites.

But I had a stipulation: I’ll set up the website, and load in the first few articles. But the website owner has to add the rest.

So when you see my portfolio, be forewarned. Some will be big, some quite small. It all depends on what my client does with the website when it’s done. I handle the technology. And I leave the client in control of their website.

That’s how it ought to be on the internet. But usually, a web design firm, or an internet department in a larger firm, has been in control.

Websites can cost a lot of money. But we don’t do that kind of work. If we start discussing a website with you and it becomes clear you need an expensive website, either because you really do need it, or because you’re being stubborn and insisting on expensive features that you really don’t need… we will send you away. We won’t do the job!

I want you to understand how this part of our business came about. I have a lot of friends who run small businesses. I mean small! We’re talking businesses with only three, two… maybe only one person! And they need a website.