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Walt Disney’s Success Story

Success begins with a Dream

“When you wish upon a star…” begins the song used as a theme for Disney television programs, and, perhaps, a theme for the entire Disney operation.

Walt Disney was a man of dreams. He dreamed big dreams. And he made his dreams come true.

Walt Disney would agree, and is himself ample proof, that dreams can come true. His example reveals that Continue reading

The Remarkable Walt Disney, and the Challenge for Those Who Followed

It was the Remarkable Walt Disney…
…who managed the creative magic that evolved into Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

As the world watches Disney, celebrating Disneyland’s 50th anniversary, it becomes clear that changes are coming to Disney theme parks, animation projects, and movies. Amidst controversy surrounding top Disney management and the corporate board of directors, it makes sense to look at how Walt Disney originated management systems that, years after his death, would become the model for Continue reading

2005 Glyph Award to Disney Magic

SellBetter Tools won double honors May 14 at the 2005 Glyph Awards. ABPA presented Rich Hamilton of SellBetter Tools with the following Awardawards:

+ Best Business/Caeeer Book award to *Disney Magic: Business Strategy You Can Use at Work and at Home*
+ Business/Career book, honorable mention to *Disney Magic Ideabook: Using Disney’s Magic Strategy for Your own Business Success*

Hamilton authored both books. They are published by SellBetter Tools, and distributed by Biblio Div., National Book Network. They are available to the trade through major wholesalers, and to consumers through online and traditional bookstores.